Our goal is to provide a unique brand of hockey promoting a playing atmosphere that enhances confidence and encourages skill development in a FUN enjoyable environment.



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Programs Offered

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Aug. 19, 2019
Aug. 23, 2019
August Classic $185.00
Aug. 26, 2019
Aug. 29, 2019
High Performance Power Skating Clinic
featuring Kathy McIlwain


HOCKEY TRAINING ABOVE is pleased to be offering Shock Hockey for the fourteenth consecutive season. Shock Hockey is geared to challenging all players, of all skill levels. Players will be placed in an appropriate line according to skill level using "ABC" theory: "A" players are considered having an advanced skill level in their respective age category, "B" players are considered having an average skill level and "C" players are continuing to develop. Each line will compete against equally ranked lines. Creating this playing atmosphere will allow all the players to be challenged and compete at an appropriate level enhancing confidence and encouraging skill development in a fun, relaxed environment.

This unique brand of hockey is an endurance challenge; promoting players to skate faster, react quicker, pass the puck more frequently and learn how to support the play. In short, this format will elevate player's creativity, sharpen their instincts and imaginative game concepts. The obvious benefit from the fast paced, high tempo and end-to-end action is that all players, regardless of present ability level, improve skills quickly and improve knowledge of tactics.

"Lace up and enjoy a faster game on the ice."

By eliminating just one player from each team, provides a whole new dimension to the game. Team work becomes a primary focus, play making is exciting, goal scoring opportunities increase, goalies are reacting to and experience more challenges, all which encourages the players to master their skill and enhance their development. This fast pace, high tempo style of 3-on-3/4-on-4 hockey brings the FUN back into the game.




(as provided by Hockey Canada)

Regular Pee Wee level game
►  players have the puck an average of 8 seconds
►  players will take an average of 2 shots on net
►  players were on the ice for less than 9 minutes
►  3-on-3/4-on-4 game

►  players controlled the puck upwards to 3 minutes
►  goalies had an average of 48 shots (over 5 per player)
►  many games average 22 odd man rushes
►  players were on the ice for at least 13 minutes



Benefits to Playing...

•  More playing time than most minor hockey games
•  The additional skating, puck handling, passing and shooting will improve skills
•  The creative playing atmosphere will promote reading and reacting to the plays, and learning to create "open" ice
•  Create opportunities within an informal learning environment based on fun and participation
•  The goalies will face a ton more shots and challenges with odd man rushes than in a regular minor hockey game


What's being said...

"Excellent program! Well organized and entertaining hockey!"

"When hockey puts a smile on everyone's face ... you're doing something right!"

"What a great concept. I think more hockey should be played in this type of format!"

"I'm not sure who had more fun, the parents or the kids. My son and daughter looked forward to playing every week!"

"After having a disappointing hockey season, having the opportunity to partcipate in Shock Hockey has regained my son's confidence and self-esteem. He's having fun again playing!"


What the pros say...

"Up to a certain age, kids should be let out to play pond hockey. Skate and be creative with the puck."

   - Wayne Gretzky

"It is important not to be too technical with the kids, and let them experience the joy of playing hockey."
   - Paul Karyia 



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